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Model #4.5w dropped point hunter

General Knife Design and Construction

In designing my knives I draw upon my years of experience in the wilderness of Northwestern Ontario, trapping, fishing, hunting, canoeing, camping, and working with my hands. Read more about my background.

My approach to knife design is to combine simplicity, pleasing lines, and utility with quality materials and good craftsmanship. I want to provide my customers with functional, yet beautiful pieces of cutlery.

To see a detailed slide show of our process for building my 3/4 tang knives, visit my Tour My Shop page. To watch a short video showing our process for building omy full tang knives, go to my Home page and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Here are some of the main features of my hunting, fillet, kitchen, and woodcarving knives:

  • Fixed blades only
  • Made by the stock removal method (all the larger knives)
  • Forged blades (woodcarving knives)
  • Full tang, 3/4 tang, and narrow tang designs
  • Blades either hollow ground or flat ground
  • Blade finishes available include matte-grey sandblasted finish, brushed satin finish, and mirror finish
  • Blade hardness - about RC-58-59 (I do my own heat treating)
  • Fully sharpened and ready to use
  • My own sturdy, handmade sheath included (hunters and fillets). Learn more about my knife sheaths and visit my sheath gallery page to see a variety of sheath styles.

Check out my Knife Anatomy page to read in much greater depth about blade and knife design.

Besides offering a comprehensive line of standard models in my hunting, fillet, kitchen, and woodcarving knife categories, I am also happy to accept custom orders as well. We can then more closely tailor your knife and/or sheath to fit your needs. So, if you don’t see quite what you’re looking for here, do feel free to ask.

Learn more details about my hunting knives, fillet knives, kitchen knives, or woodcarving knives, and be sure and browse through my Knife Gallery page to see some of my great new full tang and narrow tang knives.

Blade Steels

 Currently, I am offering the following blade steels:

  • 440C stainless steel
  • ATS34 stainless steel
  • 154CM stainless steel
  • CPM S35VN stainless steel
  • CPM 154CM stainless steel
  • O-1 high carbon tool steel
  • A-2 high carbon tool steel

I also offer some blades with KG Gun Kote finish. Gun Kote is a very durable and corrosion inhibiting finish, and therefore can be a good choice particularly for protecting a blade built from one of the high carbon steels.

I build all my woodcarving knives from O-1. This is an excellent high carbon tool steel which forges nicely, and it takes and holds a keen edge

Handle Materials

The following materials are some of what I use in the making of my knife handles:

  • Pau Ferro
  • East Indian Rosewood
  • Bloodwood
  • Bubinga
  • Honduras Rosewood
  • desert ironwood
  • desert ironwood burl
  • Dymondwood® (choice of several colours)
  • micarta (full tang models only)
  • G-10 (full tang models only)
  • antler or stag (full or narrow tang models only)

All the natural wood handles on my hunters, fillets, and kitchen knives receive a coat of tung oil to both protect the wood as well as enhance the colour.

I may not have every material available for every knife style, so please contact me for specifics.

In general, I prefer to use Dymondwood® or micarta for fillet and kitchen knife handles (with some exceptions) because of their superior water resistance.

Both natural woods and Dymondwood® are standard handle materials for my hunters.

I build all my woodcarving knife handles from pau ferro.

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Model #4.5w dropped point hunter

I have been an ebay member since 2004, and have sold a number of knives on ebay.

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