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Stitch up the sheath

30. Stitch up the sheath

Now it’s time to do the final stitching of the main seam. This is a long seam and the leather is quite thick - be sure to allow yourself enough thread to do the whole thing in one shot if possible. I like to measure a length of thread equal to about seven lengths of the seam to be sewn. This will allow plenty of extra thread at the end of the job.

You will likely need to use pliers again at some point to pull the needle through, and you may want to wrap a finger or two with tape for protection when pulling the thread tight. You want good tight stitches, and it doesn’t take long for this heavy thread to start cutting into soft fingers.

If sewing with a single needle, you will need to start at one end, sew all the way to the other end, and back again. If you use two needles (one on each end of the thread) you can work your way down from one end, working the needles opposite each other, and finish at the other end.

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