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Quill Knife

Quill Knife    Price: $41.00

The result of a custom request from a calligrapher, this is a very specialized knife designed for cutting and shaping quills in the making of quill pens.
The blade measures about 1 3/4” long x just over 3/16” wide. Overall length is about 7 1/2”. We offer two different versions - for either right-handed or left-handed use. For right-handed use, the left blade bevel (shown in this photo) is flat ground without even a micro-sharpening bevel, while the right blade bevel is convex ground. The left-handed version is the opposite. The blade is fully sharpened and ready for use. This knife is perfectly suited to performing the controlled cuts necessary in the shaping of a calligrapher’s quill pen.
As with our woodcarving knives, the blade is hand forged from O-1 high carbon tool steel and hand ground and finished. The handle is pau ferro wood.
When ordering, please specify either right-handed or left-handed.

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