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Woodcarving Knife Styles

This is a complete listing of the standard woodcarving knife models that I am offering. I hand forge all my woodcarving knife blades from O-1 high carbon tool steel, and craft my carving knife handles from beautiful pau ferro wood.

You can also read some general information about the  design and construction of, and materials I use in my knives.

If you would like to order any of the knives below, please contact me.

The cutting edge is down on each knife shown.

Click on any thumbnail below to view a larger image and to read more details. Individual carvers are $37.00 each, or purchase any three carving knives for $105.00. All prices listed are in Canadian dollars and do not include shipping or applicable taxes.

I am pleased to offer something new and different: the quill knife. This is a specialized knife designed specifically for the calligrapher. This knife is used to cut and shape the bird quills used for quill pens. I was contacted by a calligrapher who had been searching for this tool, and it fit well into our line of knives that we already build. Click on the thumbnail below to read more details about this knife.

Please note that we offer the quill knife in two versions: one for right-handed use, and one for left-handed use. When ordering, please specify which version you want.

If you would like to read some feedback offered by the calligrapher who first requested the quill knife, visit my Testimonials page.  

Quill Knife    Price: $41.00

Quill Knife    Price: $41.00

Quill Knife Sheath

Quill Knife Sheath (sheath only)   Price: $29.00

#10 Detail Carver

#10 Detail Carver    Price: $37.00

#13 Straight Edge Carver

#13 Straight Edge Carver    Price: $37.00

#14 Backswept Carver

#14 Backswept Carver    Price: $37.00

#15 Chip Carver

#15 Chip Carver    Price: $37.00

#16 Straight Back Carver

#16 Straight Back Carver   Price: $37.00

#17 Long Blade Carver

#17 Long Blade Carver    Price: $37.00

#18 Offset Carver

#18 Offset Carver    Price: $37.00

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